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Cherry Keyboard Promotion

Easy-to-clean watertight corded keyboards
CHERRY KC 1068 meets the requirements of IP 68 protection class and is protected against dust, dirt
and liquids making them suitable for all hygiene-critical areas and industrial use.
Being able to easily clean and disinfect the surface makes the KC 1068 perfect for environments where
infection control and patient safety is paramount along with environments where dust and debris are
present and therefore conventional keyboards could be unsuitable.
Key benefits
• IP 68 tested – protected against dust, dirt and liquids (up to a depth of 1 m)
• Suitable for medical or industrial use.
• Standard keyboard in heat-sealed protective case
• Resistant to water, detergent, isopropyl alcohol and diesel Info: Keyboard can be disinfected
• Up to 10 million keystrokes
• Ultra flat for optimal comfort – a marked improvement in typing comfort compared to traditional IP 68 keyboards
• Whisper keystroke technology – creates less typing noise, e.g. with many busy typists
• Tactile key response
• Plug & Play via USB connection

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